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Brain Injury Recovery Services

Each year many individuals sustain some type of injury to the brain that may result in mild, moderate, or severe impairments in speech or language, memory, physical functioning, and behavior. These acquired brain injuries most often occur due to trauma, medical conditions or chemical exposure. Additionally, persons with brain injury often have accompanying mental health and/or addiction problems that also present challenges to recovery. Recognizing a need for comprehensive services, we provide an outpatient rehabilitation model that specializes in treating persons with acquired brain injury. Our individualized service delivery model offers consumers opportunities for skills training, cognitive rehabilitation, work re-entry, and independent living. If an individual is aged 16 years or older and has sustained a brain injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident, fall, assault, tumor, stroke or other medical condition, he or she may be a candidate for our program.

Our facility is located in Hollywood, Maryland and is easily accessible by public transit. For more information please contact the Director of Brain Injury Recovery and Employment Services at info@pathwaysinc.org.