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Current Job Openings

These vacancies are updated through the week so they stay as current as possible. 



Rehabilitation Associate





TAY Service Worker

Full-Time: Friday-Saturday, 3pm-12am; Sunday, 2PM-12AM;

                  Monday, 2PM-10PM / OPEN

Full-Time: Sunday-Thursday, 3pm-11pm /OPEN 

Part-Time: Saturday & Sunday, 12am - 9am / OPEN (every other weekend)

Part-Time: Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 6pm / OPEN (every other weekend) 

Substitute: Flexible Hours, Needs Vary / OPEN



Part-Time: Saturday 9am-3pm & Sunday 9am-8pm (every other weekend) /  OPEN                                                                             

Part-Time: Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 8pm (every other weekend) / OPEN

Part-Time: Friday & Saturday, 5pm-1am / OPEN



Clinic Receptionist


Clinic Director

Part-Time: Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm; Friday, 9am - 2pm / OPEN


Full-Time: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm / OPEN



Employment Specialist (Charles & Prince George's Counties)


Full-Time: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm / OPEN


Housekeeper (Prince George's County) 

Part-Time: One day a week (one hour or until assignments are completed) / OPEN



Substitute Rehabilitation Associate 


Substitute: PT hours/Daytime hours, Hours vary by Program needs. Anywhere between 7am to 4pm (not necessarily 8 hour shifts). Flexibility / OPEN 



How to Apply for a Position

Pathways requires applicants to fill out a job application prior to interviewing for any position. You may Download the application and forward it to Pathways by mail, fax ((240) 309-4160), or as an e-mail attachment to jobs@pathwaysinc.org. Please include your resume!

If you wish to only submit a resume for consideration, please forward it via email to jobs@pathwaysinc.org or fax to (240) 309-4160.

Interview Paperwork

If you have been selected to interview, please click here for instructions on completing your interview packet.