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Depression Survey

This survey may help determine if you could benefit from treatment for depression. 

1. Does the future seem hopeless?


2. Do you persistently feel sad, anxious, or have lost feelings of joy? 


3. Do you have feelings of worthlessness or emptiness?


4. Do you feel you would like to "give-up" and disappear from life?


5. Have you lost interest in pleasurable or meaningful activities, including sex?


6. Has your energy level decreased or you often oversleep?


7. Do you experience persistent difficulty in sleeping or often feel irritable?


8. Have you noticed changes in appetite and weight?


9. Do you have thoughts of suicide now or in the recent past?


Please click reset button to clear the above form.

For questions 1 through 8, if you answered "yes" to two or more questions help from a mental health professional is certainly something to consider, especially if symptoms have persisted for a month or more. If you answered "yes" to question 9 we recommend you seek help right away. If there are financial concerns in seeking help you should discuss those concerns with the helping person you contact to determine options that may be available to you.
If you would like to arrange for a consultation just click on this linkWe are ready to help.

You will be directed to a secure contact page that will request information on how we can get in touch with you. We cannot view nor do we collect, analyze, or store any data from this survey - your answers are automatically deleted once you click the reset button located below question 9. Our professional staff will keep all contacts confidential.