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Need a job? Having trouble keeping one?

Employment Services

Pathways, Inc. provides evidenced-based supported employment services to persons in the Southern Maryland area. In collaboration with Maryland’s Mental Hygiene Administration, University of Maryland’s Center for Mental Health Services , Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services and SAMHSA’s Center for Mental Health Services, our agency offers individuals a quality supported employment program with demonstrated effectiveness for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Our vocational program:  

Emphasizes individual choice

Enlists the support and participation of community employers

Provides job placement services that lead to competitive employment opportunities

If an individual has a mental health diagnosis he or she may be a candidate for our program.  For more information please contact the Director of Brain Injury Recovery and Vocational Services at info@pathwaysinc.org.

Pathways Career Assessment Center

Effective career and vocational planning is available to assist the individual in acquiring life skills and realizing true potential. Current, relevant and valid information related to the individual’s vocational interests, strengths, needs and aptitudes is necessary for this type of planning. A comprehensive vocational evaluation delivers a concise portrayal of an individual’s attributes that lends direction in planning for education, training and employment. All evaluations and assessments are performed by licensed and credentialed Certified Vocational Evaluators. Career assessment services are available to any individual aged 16 years or older. Our facility is located in Hollywood, Maryland and is easily accessible by public transit. For more information please contact the Director of Brain Injury Recovery and Employment Services at info@pathwaysinc.org.