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Who We Are

Since 1981, Pathways has been providing innovative mental health services to persons in Southern Maryland.  Headquartered in St. Mary’s County, we are a private, nonprofit corporation.  We offer comprehensive treatment to persons of all ages. We also offer rehabilitation, and vocational services as well as affordable housing to older teens and adults. We are the longest operating and largest provider of community-based mental health services in St. Mary’s County.

What We Offer

Psychiatric treatment and counseling is available to anyone in need of these services, from children to seniors.  Included in this service is psychiatric evaluation, medication management, therapeutic counseling, and substance abuse counseling for the individual who has both a mental health and substance abuse diagnosis.  

We also offer psychiatric rehabilitation and housing for persons in recovery from mental illness, or cognitive rehabilitation for persons recovering from a brain injury.  Employment services are available to persons receiving either of these services.  Eligible ages for these services are older teens and adults.  More specifically, we provide:

Psychiatric assessment, medication management, and therapeutic counseling

Brain injury rehabilitation to those with an acquired brain injury who are at least sixteen years of age

Psychiatric rehabilitation to persons with a mental illness who are at least sixteen years of age

Supported employment and career assessment to the person with either a mental illness or brain injury

Housing to persons sixteen and older with a mental illness

Service delivery that includes nationally recognized practices research has shown to be effective