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Services When You Need Them, Where You Need Them

Psychiatric Rehabilitation helps persons with mental illness work their way toward recovery by offering a range of supportive services individualized to the person’s needs. The following programs comprise these rehabilitation services.  Enrollment in any program is entirely voluntary.

In-Home Services

A real challenge for anyone recovering from the effects of a lifelong mental illness can be attending to matters of daily living. Pathways provides a wide variety of in-home services throughout the Southern Maryland area at times convenient to the service user. These services can include:

We specialize in services for Transitional Age Youth with mental illness.  For more about this program, click on "Housing" in the "Programs and Services" drop down menu above and refer to the section on Transitional Age Youth.

For someone enrolled in the Community Support program, staff delivers services to an individual’s preferred location. Staff travels to a person’s home or other chosen locations and provides services there on individually arranged schedules that coincide with the person's needs.

The In-Home Intervention Program for Adults (IHIP-A) is designed to provide community-based psychiatric rehabilitation services to individuals who require a higher level of support than is practical with traditional community-based programs.  In this program, a team of persons works with each individual as a recognition of the greater challenges in service need.  Assertive strategies are utilized to proactively engage individuals in treatment. Crisis support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. IHIP-A utilizes the recognized best practice of Illness Management and Recovery. This service model emphasizes self-management of mental illness symptoms through systematic education as well as the acquisition and implementation of appropriate coping skills. This range of services available in-home makes Pathways the most flexible service provider in the area. In all instances, the organization attempts to satisfy the consumer's desire for a living situation that will best meet the individual's needs and desires. 

The highest level of support service available from Pathways is Intensive Support and is only available in a Pathways residence. Staffing in such residences is available on site for up to 24 hours per day. It is usually indicated in cases where the individual is transitioning from long-term hospitalization or may exhibit behaviors which indicate a need for frequent staff intervention. The individual needing staff intervention to a lesser degree in a Pathways residence is offered Varied Support. While also tailored to the individual, on average, a recipient of this level of support would be provided roughly three hours of on-site service daily.

The Support Center

Pathways Support Center provides recovery-based illness management, community living and interpersonal skill development services for adults from St. Mary’s county and lower Calvert and Charles counties.  Group activity offers peer support as well as socialization in group settings and cover a wide range of topics relevant to individual health and recovery and life in the community. Participants in Pathways Support Center activities are provided with free passes for the local public transportation system to enhance their mobility. Participants are also eligible for up to 2 nutritious meals and one snack per day, subsidized by a federal nutrition program. Program hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM